Virgin Media does its best to destroy the internet

Well maybe that’s not the plan but it’s done a good job in London today and, for all I know elsewhere (as I haven’t been able to get online it’s hard to tell).

Unknown-1So apologies from me and Sir Richard for the interrupted service.

And what an interruption! From 8.26pm this morning it’s been grappling with a monumental outrage and completely failing to deal with its customers’ reasonable enquiries. Virgin Media’s customer ‘engagement’ must be the worst in the UK market.

You get this daffy bird (automated, obviously) getting you to key in loads of numbers, at great cost if you’re using a mobile, and directing you nowhere useful. Most uselessly to India where they haven’t a clue what’s going on, all they try to do is get you to unplug your router – when you know that’s not the problem.

Then they send you a text at 3.30 saying they’ve found a ‘fix’ – but, of course, they haven’t. So you go through the same enervating routine all over again until 9.30 when it comes back on – and then you find that your bluetooth keyboard’s fucked up. They did the same thing with my blueyonder email account a couple of years ago.

It really is a shambles. The sensible thing is to move, which we will. Although, in the UK, this puts you into the tender care of Sky or BT, which isn’t terribly reassuring.

And what of Sir Richard Branson, who still trousers a ‘brand’ dividend from his clueless telecoms company, was voted the Sunday Times ‘god of business’ last weekend (who voted – estate agents?) and appears in their bloody ads?

Does he care about rubbish services? It appears not.

Virgin Media is now owned by John Malone’s Liberty Media.

Perhaps he could send over an electrician?

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