Moscow agency Friends puts erections in their place

The right thing at the wrong time can be a nuisance so Moscow creative agency Friends has developed some natty new briefs called Hiders for client Ali Kaps.

Hiders head of design Lev Bezhik says: “Every man has found himself in that awkward position where he has has been excited in a public place, compromising his situation. Ali Kaps invited me to design a new product for them that will help manage these occasions. Hiders are the result and allow the wearer to enjoy the moment and without embarrassment.”

Dmitry Dergchov, deputy managing director of marketing and development of RIA Panda (manufacturer of Ali Kaps), says: “Whilst we are firm proponents of keeping lead in the pencil, we understand it can raise its head at inappropriate times. Rather than squash something that is entirely natural, we wanted to produce a product that allows you to enjoy this moment any time, any place, without worrying who might get the wrong end of the stick.”

Quite so. A Cannes Grand Prix for design beckons…

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