M&C Saatchi’s ‘Dreeky Dora’ wins Scottish Referendum

Well she probably didn’t do it on her own but ‘Better Together’ agency M&C Saatchi has had the last laugh over its much-derided Scottish Referendum film ‘The Woman Who Made Up Her Mind.’

The film featured an actress (presumably), who we’ll dub ‘Dreeky Dora,’ rehearsing the arguments against Scottish independence (you really don’t have to watch it).

And these appear to be the arguments – fear of the unknown basically – that seem to have swung the argument the ‘No’ campaign’s way in the last weeks of the campaign.

It’s more than likely that everyone became far too excited over a YouGov online poll a couple of weeks ago that showed Alex Salmond’s ‘Yes’ to independence campaign in a narrow lead (the final result was 55/45 against independence, pretty conclusive). But this poll prompted a tidal wave of bribes for the Scots from panicking Westminster politicians, orchestrated by former PM Gordon Brown. So the Scots, whichever way they voted, win anyway (assuming these goodies actually arrive).

And this morning we had David Cameron, still PM of a United Kingdom, to his great relief, promising what amounts to a federal Britain so the English don’t feel left out.

Do you think he’d been celebrating a little too early? So that’s another constitutional cat out of the bag then.

That’s for later though. M&C’s ‘Dreeky Dora’ has been viewed over 460,000 times on YouTube, which equates to over a tenth of the Scottish population. “It’s M&C wot won it” they’ll be saying in Golden Square.

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