Is HSBC talking to itself in new JWT campaign?

Banks, banks…what are we going to do with them?

Among the many infractions they’ve been pulled up for recently is bank staff being incentivised to sell customers something, anything, whether they need it or not. And being penalised if they don’t.

Giant global bank HSBC has clearly noticed this (a step forward perhaps) so it has enlisted JWT London to make the point that “we reward our people for giving you outstanding support” although it doesn’t specify what that may be.

Instead we get this gloopy nonsense about a boy going out on his first date – with a girl who seems to be have wandered off a London Fashion Week catwalk, just your everyday date.

You know you’re about to be sold a pup when saccarine-toned David Gates (or a soundalike) introduces proceedings. And then you get what sounds like the honey-tongued lady from the Nationwide ads.

Gritty it ain’t.

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