Droga5’s latest for Diet Coke lacks fizz

Is fizzy drink/soda advertising going the same way as booze?

Here’s Droga5’s new US ad for diet Coke, which seems to bear some relation to recent beer offerings like Wieden+Kennedy’s work for Heineken.

Namely: if you’re not allowed to say very much go for a faux Sixties/Seventies number with strange people striking poses. This has so far aroused the ire of various members of the commentariat, including my friend George Parker. George also notes, by the way and on the subject of booze, that Baileys Irish Cream is the most Googled product in Hawaii – weird.

Anyway, back to Coke(s). The currently all-conquering Ogilvy recently pinched Coke Zero from D5. Let’s see what happens to Diet Coke.

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