Better Together’s ‘the Woman Who Made Up Her Mind’ ad is like a wet weekend in the Highlands

Is this the most ridiculed ad of recent years?

M&C Saatchi’s ‘Better Together’ campaign advising a No vote in the forthcoming Scottish Referendum always had a mountain to climb’ given the almost wholly negative, nay scare-mongering, tone of the ‘No’ politicians.

That now seems to be coming back to bite them as the Nationalists nose ahead in the polls.

But Better Together still decided to launch ‘the Woman Who Made Up Her Mind’ on a suspicious Scotland and the result has been a tidal wave of derision at the woman’s mournful musings.

Now M&C aren’t mugs – they even number a Scotsman Moray MacLennan among their luminari – so I’ve no doubt there’s bags of research to show that these ‘arguments’ are the most likely to persuade Scots to pull back from the uncharted territory of independence (uncharted for 300 or so years anyway).

But the overall effect is – what’s that Scottish word? – dreek.

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