BBH hits the heroic heights for Rugby World Cup launch

There’s a big event happening in the UK next year – no, it’s not the General Election but the Rugby World Cup.

BBH has been charged with drumming up ticket sales, which shouldn’t be a problem although England, the host country, have been drawn in the ‘group of death’ with Australia and Wales (only two countries go through and all three are potential winners).

This campaign could have been deeply boring, lots of shots of chaps scoring tries (mostly from New Zealand probably) but BBH has enlisted veteran actor Charles Dance, who favours the grand style, to do a turn as the manager of the process, addressing all the interested parties in the sweat-soaked dressing room.

And what a job he makes of it. Its spiritual home is Shakespeare’s Henry V:

“I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start. The game’s afoot; follow your spirit: and upon this charge, cry God for Harry! England and Saint George!”

But you can’t mention England, of course, although Martin Johnson and Lawrence Dallaglio, England’s last World Cup winners, lurking in the background rather give the game away.

Brilliantly done. The director was Peter Cattaneo.

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