Publicis Conseil relaunches Renault’s Twingo with Kuntzel+Deygas animation campaign

Renault is relaunching its successful Twingo town car – which first appeared in 1993 – with a diverting new campaign from Publicis Conseil.

Town cars have become a rather crowded sector with the Fiat 500 and VW’s UP so Publicis Conseil is plugging the new five-door Twingo’s agility by making it the hero of an animation campaign ‘Go Anywhere, Go Everywhere by illustrator duo Kuntzel+Deygas.

It’s certainly brave not to show the ‘real’ car at all; about as far from ‘running footage’ or BMW’s ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ as it’s possible to go.

But small cars have almost become a fashion accessory these days; most of the ads show a monthly lease price – £199, £249 or £299 in the UK – which means that a smaller one costs you five times what an iPhone does.

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