Is PR these days just about lying for the highest bidder? Here’s Israel’s Mark Regev talking to Fox News…

Mark Regev, the spokesman the Israel government wheels out when things get really hot, has been on the airwaves recently as various bodies, including the United Nations, despair of Israel’s ruthless assault on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Here he is talking to Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News’ bizarre Geraldo Rivera, an end-of-the-pier act masquerading as a news presenter.

And, before that, to the UK’s rather more rigorous Jon Snow of Channel 4 News.

Regev, an Aussie who used to trade under his original name of Freiberg, is an interesting cove. He always appears in the media as ‘Mark Regev’ not an Israeli spokesman.

So is he a freelance?

PR has many purposes. It’s not unreasonable for companies, other interested parties and, indeed, governments to pay people to put forward their case. In a 24/7 news environment (sorry for the cliche) it’s inevitable.

But there are limits.

When you’re dealing with Mr Regev/Freiberg it’s probably just as well to count the spoons.

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