Cake takes a bite of blu’s e-cigarettes crusade

They’re an artful lot over at blu e-cigs, first of all running a launch campaign through Brothers and Sisters that seeks to appropriate blue as the brand’s colour; partly to create a brand property that will survive even if e-cigarette advertising is eventually banned.

Now the company has hired Havas-owned Cake to devise an eight-part online music series ‘Freedom of the DJ’ (no tasteless Jimmy Savile jokes please). All bathed in blue.

The aim is to highlight blu’s mantra of ‘Freedom and Choice,’ in an un-Nigel Farage kind of way.

Blu CEO Jacob Fuller says: “This series shows exactly where we want to be taking blu in the UK. Embedding the brand right in the heart of such a fast-moving and evolving music scene allows us to show what we’re about in a timely and relevant way.”

It worked for Benson & Hedges and Silk Cut back in the day. Why not for the, harmless by comparison, blu?

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