Wieden+Kennedy unveils sexy Chambord TV debut

Wieden+Kennedy London recently won the global ad account for Brown-Forman’s Chambord black raspberry liqueur and it’s gone all Frrrench for the debut campaign, ‘#becausenoreason.’

Global marketing director Alexander Sneen says: “We are excited to bring a step change to Chambord with Because No Reason. We wanted to give one of our iconic brands a playful new voice to appeal to a broader range of consumers, and this campaign does just that. It’s memorable, fun and beautifully crafted, and embraces the way our audience consumes media online.”

W+K London Chambord creative director Scott Dungate says: “It’s rare to get the opportunity to start from scratch and reinvent a heritage brand like Chambord. While we wanted to tip our hat to Chambord’s ‘Frenchness’, we wanted to make it modern, exciting and unpredictable. We wanted to give Chambord a personality that would thrive in social and beyond – not just make nice ads. With the line and attitude of ‘because no reason’, we can literally write executions for whatever and forever. While the simple, iconic art direction lets us turn around ideas fast and elegantly’.

Quite so Scott. But if there wasn’t a nice ad in the middle of it all then all the other clever bits and pieces wouldn’t work half so well.

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