Dell’s search for the ‘Perfect Selfie’ shows that brands can tell appealing stories

We’re always hearing about ‘brand stories’ or just storytelling these days and the better American agencies seem better at it than most of their rivals.

As you may have noticed, the world has gone ‘selfie’ mad, driven to an extent by the famous one with just about everyone in it at the Oscars.

So Y&R and VML in New York have devised the search for the ‘Perfect Selfie’ including, among other things, The ‘Center for Selfie Improvement’ and the affliction ‘Selfie Arm’ to spearhead their ‘Learning Meets Doing’ back-to-school campaign for Dell. The campaign is running in Brazil, China and India too.

There’s probably nothing teenies find as boring as back-to-school messages and this is a clever way of making this tedious prospect interesting (these days, in the US anyway, it’ll be the kids not the parents who choose the PC).

Deftly directed by Adam Gunser of Uber Content.

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