CHI unveils ‘Strobe’ light spectacular for Lexus

The UK’s CHI & Partners has pulled out all the techno stops for this ad ‘Strobe,’ the third in its ‘Amazing in Motion’ campaign for Japanese luxury car brand Lexus.

Eschewing the easy option of CGI, CHI (that’s the agency) used stuntmen dressed in LED ‘lightsuits’ to sprint across the Kuala Lumpur skyline, requiring the services of 40 expert engineers among what was clearly a crew of thousands.

CHI & Partners creative director Monty Verdi says: “Strobe involved feats of engineering, technology and sheer human endeavour – seeing this figure seemingly come to life and take to the rooftops was exhilarating.

“The whole ‘Amazing in Motion’ series is about opening Lexus up to a new audience – illustrating not just the brilliant engineering and grace of its products, but also the adventurous, imaginative nature of the brand.”

Lexus International executive V-P Mark Templin says: “Strobe is the third in our ‘Amazing in Motion’ project. We created this global series of campaigns to showcase our imagination through innovative design and technology. It builds on the Lexus ambition to connect with the hearts, as well as the minds, of consumers.”

The campaign will run across TV, cinema, outdoor, digital and social channels worldwide. The film was directed by Adam Berg of Stink.

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