P&G’s Always tackles women, running and boobs

It’s amazing isn’t – close on 3000 years of supposed civilisation and we still (male-dominated society) can’t get to grips with women. Just bizarre.

Anyway, brands are trying to do their bit – to sell their brands, obviously – and here’s a new effort from Procter & Gamble tampon brand Always, courtesy of director Lauren Greenfield and agency Leo Burnett, trying to explain why girls have problems (from a male perspective anyway) with this, that and the other.

Mostly, it seems, their breasts wobble around when they’re running – which is a bit of an impediment if that sort of thing bothers you. So you lean forwards the whole time to prevent aforementioned wobbles, which doesn’t help you run fast.

This is in the Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ school of female empowerment ads. And why not? Well I like women anyway, whether they can run or not.

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