Michael Wall of Lowe & Partners: my top tips for Cannes

Greetings from Oz.

I think you have probably dealt with this but I would say Volvo trucks first and Honda Ayrton Senna second (there does seem to be a consensus building – ed).

Both are immaculate pieces of production and wonderful demonstrations of the integrity of their respective products. They also both live very comfortably in a connected world.

But equally they are both small. Neither is part of a big brand idea nor central to the commercial direction of their respective brands.

The really great stuff does both.

Unknown-9Michael Wall (left) is CEO of Lowe & Partners

Michael Lee of agency search consultant Madam (also just off a plane) concurs:

Sorry to be so predictable…but i do think the Senna piece to be rather special.

While Ogilvy China CCO Graham Fink says:

Cannes is always a hard one to predict, but the truly great work tends to always rise to the top. . The Volvo Trucks ‘Epic Spilt ‘ is sure to win big. Simple, memorable and surprising. Good enough to pull off a Grand Prix (or two!).

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