Is ‘The Last Game’ a worthy successor to ‘Write The Future’ as Nike’s bid for World Cup domination?

Here it is then, ‘the Last Game,’ Wieden+Kennedy Portland’s World Cup blockbuster (the real one) for Nike.

And it’s certainly brave, featuring a team of clones taking on Nike’s human stars – who ‘Risk Everything’ – even though they’re in the form of computer game characters.

Quite a compelling tale with some nice comic touches, even though you have to watch it more than once to note them all (the unfortunate Marouane Fellaini from Belgium as a permed hairdresser, for example).

At the last World Cup’s W+K Amsterdam’s ‘Write The Future’ blew the opposition away although whether it was quite the masterwork the Cannes Film jury, for example, thought at the time is open to debate.

Will ‘The Last Game’ be deemed another classic?

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