Cannes’ new Lionheart award goes to good old Bono

images-6Cannes Lions has dreamed up yet another award – this time it’s the Cannes Lionheart (no, I’m not making this up) and it’s being awarded to (didn’t you know it) Bono.

The ageing U2 frontman will receive the award for his charity RED which has, apparently, raised more than $250m to combat AIDS in Africa. So we shouldn’t mock I suppose – but it’s always Bono.

Bono will chat to Apple director of design Jonny Ive (Apple supports RED) on the last night of the festival, June 21.

One might take the view that, if Apple and indeed U2, were a little more eager to cough up taxes, charities like RED might not be required.

But that’s today’s world and the Cannes Lions is an oddly distorted perspective on it.

(Editor’s note: there aren’t actually any lions in Cannes – they’re back in Venice where the festival used to be held).

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