Can Honda’s whizzy new R Type escape being a Civic?

Honda has authored some of the best car advertising on either side of the Atlantic but there’s still something rather staid about the cars. All fine and good in the sense that you don’t hear about vast numbers of Hondas being recalled for technical faults (hope this isn’t a curse) unlike bigger rival Toyota, for example.

But, often, the sausage doesn’t seem to match up to the sizzle.

Wieden+Kennedy London, responsible for its outstanding UK advertising, has recently donned go-faster striped apparel to produce this taster of what its Type R ‘concept’ car will be like when it becomes reality some time next year. One that harks back to Honda’s successful racing heritage.

Very nice too – the car and what the ad achieves in thirty seconds. But why brand it a Civic? ‘Civic’ just doesn’t wash with the market this is clearly aimed at. “Bloody nice Civic you’ve got there mate.” New name, please.

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