Idris Elba’s ‘unstoppable’ Pepsi film muddles the 70s

Mandela actor Idris Elba has written and directed a film, ‘Unstoppable,’ for Pepsi as part of its football-themed ‘Beats of the Beautiful Game’ series. Why’s everybody so obsessed with football? No idea.

Anyway it’s a spin on the old ‘boy gets sand kicked in his face, beats up the bullies and gets the girl (the other one, in this case).’

And it’s not bad but Idris says it’s set in the 70s, which means that it’s a bit of a mish-mash. Idris probably wasn’t there but those glasses are contemporary stylish not 70s nerdy and did kids wear hoodies in those days? A bit careless.

For that matter, did American kids (for such they be) play football/soccer version then either? Doubt it, they’d be throwing an American football around. But soccer it clearly has to be.

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