Google unveils driverless car – mobile billboard anyone?

What do driverless cars have to do with advertising, marketing and media (our ostensible subjects)?

Well it’s Google innit and the tech (and ad) giant has just unveiled its first driverless car prototype.

Very neat it is too and a really clever idea to focus the film on young and old including the blind guy (disability’s an obvious use).

ccf1c9be-b1a6-49d1-8269-63fe6f7dfbe8-460x276So what if this one only goes 25 mph and is stuffed full of old tissues or something in case there’s a prang?

Very handy if you want to pop down to the mall (although there’s nowhere to put your shopping) in the suburbs.

How they would cope with the traffic in downtown LA or London or New York or, yikes, Delhi is another matter.

And as for advertising? Well it would be the perfect mobile billboard. Watch out Clear Channel and Exterion, here comes Google.

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