Two-agency win for Honda in UK’s top car virals

Video Metrics company Visible Measures has produced a new list of the most popular viral video car ads in the UK, nearly all from 2013 as you’d expect (Honda and Chevrolet’s Outstanding Design are from 2012 and 2011 respectively).

Honda takes the top two places with ‘Hands’ from Wieden+Kennedy and ‘an Impossible Made Possible’ from Mcgarrybowen.

Do successful virals sell cars or just appeal to budding Lewis Hamiltons? The Audi R8 ‘vroom vroom’ number in tenth place is surely the latter (although good for Audi’s image, of course).

Anyway, here they are:

1/Honda ‘Hands’ (7.2m views – not all YouTube)

2 Honda ‘An Impossible Made Possible’ (7.1m)

3 Chevrolet ‘Outstanding Design’ (6.6m)

4 Chevrolet ‘LifeTest’ (4.9m)

5 VW ‘Play the Road’

6 Volvo ‘Commuter Hijack’ (3.2m)

7 Toyota ‘The Real Deal’ (2.8m)

8 Mini ‘Not Normal’ (2.6m)

9 Land Rover ‘Driven Challenges: Pikes Peak’ 2.1m

10 Audi ‘New Audi R8 Plus’ (1.7m) The new Audi R8 V10 plus Audi 28/02/2013 1,777,418

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