Never mind the bullocks, here’s Guy Zitter

Yes that’s right, bullocks.

Unknown-7Daily Mail managing director Guy Zitter (left) is leaving after 32 years of alternately schmoozing and berating media agencies and he’s been lined up to do a live Q and A session at Media Week’s Media360 conference on Thursday.

And here’s his build-up.

Sharing his experiences from 20 years of being managing director for UK’s largest mid-market newspaper brand, Mail Newspaper’s iconic Guy Zitter takes the gloves off and heads to the stage at Media360. In a live on-stage interview, Zitter will talk about his decades at the top of the press market, revealing his candid views on the brilliant and bullocks in media during his reign.

Now I’m pretty sure this said ‘bollocks’ in the first instance before a censor with a rather fragile disposition moved in. The apostrophe’s in the wrong place and there’s a ‘the’ missing too.

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