Contagious produces ‘ softer heart’ tale for Kingsmill

More Paul Weiland, this time a new ad from his ‘do-it-all’ agency Contagious for Kingsmill bread, featuring the ‘Kingsmill family,’ an old-style ad wheeze (remember the Oxo family)?

This one features Dad (actor John Thomson) consoling daughter Tara, who’s split with her boyfriend, with some observations about bread.

On the face of it, you’s expect an agency where creatives makes their own scripts into ads to be a tad windy and self-indulgent but this is anything but – the sort of iron discipline (only forty seconds) and heavyweight branding to bring a glow to any brand manager’s heart.

As it seems to have. Kingsmill senior brand manager Lydia Freeman says: “Great White is our commitment to boosting the nation’s fibre intake, and giving people a reason to love white bread again. Contagious London has done a stellar job with this heartwarming ad, which brilliantly highlights the emotional nourishment Kingmsill brings to modern family life.”

But it is a disarming tale, well told.

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