Conde Nast strikes content deal with Radium One

Condé Nast Britain has struck a deal with automated ad-buying software company RadiumOne, to extend the reach of ‘native’ ads in its titles across programmatic exchanges in real time. RadiumOne operates a worldwide ad and content-sharing network.

Unknown-2Glamour magazine publishing director Jamie Jouning (left), a former director of Condé Nast Digital says: “The ‘Programmatic Native’ approach to content sponsorship allows greater understanding as to how users engage with content as well as harnessing this data. This will provide Condé Nast’s clients with an innovative opportunity to build relationships with users by delivering content at scale in real time – increasing engagement and awareness.”

RadiumOne commercial director Europe Abeed Janmohamed says: “The onset of technology and data has meant publishers need to diversify business models beyond the four walls of their platforms. In exploiting the RadiumOne platform, Condé Nast has developed a product which allows it to do just that.

“It is vital to ensure the content produced reaches the audience when they want it, on the device of their choice and in real-time. In using our tools publishers can understand the needs of their connected audience and deliver engaging content, thus expanding their customer base.”

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  1. Will Conde’ Nast continue to do business with Radium One when Gurbaksh Chahal is clearly a woman abuser? Really, will they?

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