Grey finally wins a place on Vodafone’s UK agency roster – and not before time

Back in 2011 Vodafone held a closed pitch among WPP agencies (what a daft idea) for its UK account and decided to give the business to RKCR/Y&R, which produced a campaign featuring Star Wars character Yoda, now pensioned off mercifully.

When anyone picks a Star Wars character it’s a sure sign they have nothing to say.

This is one of the better efforts.

At the time Grey, another WPP agency, was producing some quite lively work for Vodafone (a near miracle given Vodafone’s efforts over the years). Grey also works on the account internationally – so why it missed out in the UK only Vodafone knows.

Grey’s first work breaks tonight (Wednesday). So we’ll have a look and report back tomorrow. Can Grey live up to expectations or will the curse of Vodafone advertising strike once more?

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  1. If you’re unlucky enough to be a Vodafone customer (as I am) you will know what a rubbish company they are. So it’s no surprise that their advertising is pretty mediocre too. The two almost invariably go together.

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