Jung von Matt rewrites the supermarket ads rulebook with dazzling new campaign for Germany’s Edeka

Memo to AMV, W+K, VCCP and any other group of initials handling a UK supermarket account: back to the drawing board I’m afraid – this is how it should be done.

Germany has already had a big influence on British supermarkets – think Aldi and Lidl. Well it’s about time Edeka made it over here and it’s very welcome to bring some of its perky staff with it.

Wonder if Christopher Walken’s star performance for Jack & Jones was in agency Jung von Matt’s mind when it came up with this? Doesn’t matter, ‘Supergeil’ is indeed a thing of wonder (especially considering the category). And star Friedrich Liechtenstein, a flaneur, schmuckeremit und professioneller lebenskünstler apparently – and who are we to argue – can happily measure up to even the great Mr Walken.

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