Grey goes all ‘crumbly cuddly’ for McVitie’s relaunch

More bloody puppies (and there seem to be some kittens and other more exotic furry animals washing around in this campaign too).

United Biscuits, which is up for sale yet again I read the other day, is bringing all its biscuits (as opposed to the other stuff it makes) under the McVitie’s moniker in a new £12m campaign from Grey London.

Well what can you say? Is advertising going back to the 1970s (when some of it was quite good of course), ’60s, even ’50s? Grey London, which mostly produces good stuff these days, is being knowingly arch with the music – but that won’t get it off the hook.

UB boss Martin Glenn used to sponsor some decent advertising at Walkers Crisps, where he first made his name. Pass the seven per cent solution, Watson…

One Comment

  1. Oh dear… I don’t want to remind you of “The World’s Most Expensive Campaign.” Which was based on all the wonderful ingredients that went into… “McVities Bake a Better Biscuit.” But, fuck, as far as I remember, they weren’t made from puppies. I know I am approaching senility, but exactly what the fuck does “Crumbly Cuddly” mean. Time for my third Martini.

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