Green Cave People signs Van Zandt for Norway’s Telenor

To Norway now where London indie agency Green Cave People – founded by ex-DLKW/Lowe creative Malcolm Green and ex-Lowe manager Marc Cave – is running a whopper campaign (OK, this is Norway) for Telenor, the world’s sixth-biggest telecoms company it seems.

The campaign features Steve Van Zandt who, as well as acting in the Sopranos is also a member of ‘Born to Run’ Brucie’s fabulous E-Street Band. He is currently starring in Norwegian drama Lilyhammer, doubtless destined for BBC4 at some stage.

In the campaign he plays ‘The Chameleon,’ a character sent to investigate odd goings-on in Norway.

Green says: “We had to address the perception that Telenor is viewed as a heritage and somewhat staid company so we played on this to suggest that the Norwegian quirkiness must be a smokescreen, if people realised how advanced they were then they would know that they were aliens.”

Telenor VP of group communications Helen Docker says: “Telenor is a massively innovative company that is leading the way globally, we exist in 13 countries and are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, however the perception in Norway hasn’t fully caught up with the reality, we wanted to make this campaign to really show off what we do to everyone in Norway, not just our customers.”

Quite Lowe-ish actually – and none the worse for that.

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