Adelaide as you haven’t seen it in new KWP! campaign

Tourism ads usually take a boringly predictable course – as does this one, for Adelaide/South Australia Tourism from agency KWP! near the end. But before then you get a presentation of the hitherto unremarkable city that is, well, remarkable.

It’s not all the city of course but it actually makes you want to go there.

Singer Emma Louise does a fine job with Aussie band INXS’s ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ (a clever choice) but when she pops up at the end it becomes a bit like every other tourism/mobile phone/gadget ad, which is a shame. But the rest of it is outstanding.

KWP! creatives were James Rickard and Michael Gagliardi and it was directed by Jeffrey Darling of Aussie production company Moth Projects who also works for Believe Media in the US.

Paul Simons adds

Having worked a great deal in the travel sector it’s a delight to see something so fresh and original as this.
A day at the World Travel Market is all that’s needed to recognise the repetitive cliché’s adopted by almost every tourist organisation. It seems to me the sector self perpetuates itself in a kind of inbreeding way; the promotional work feels like it is inward looking. The most common sight is ‘Visit…….’ ad your own location.

The point I believe most tourist/travel clients and their agencies forget is the job of advertising is to get their destination on a consideration list hence the content needs to be distinctive to cut through the colossal clutter that chokes up every media channel this time of year. Very few manage to achieve this, most falls in to the trap of multiple logos and a list of limp benefits. The Adelaide work is a very rare example of brave, distinctive and compelling advertising for a destination. As good as the best from any sector, not just travel.

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