Jaguar wheels out British baddies for Super bowl epic

New British sports car the Jaguar F-Type is joining the Super Bowl lists with the debut appearance of what will be a global campaign, from in-house agency Spark44.

We haven’t always been a fan of Jaguar’s recent marketing efforts and this one – ‘It’s Good to be Bad’ – has taken a bit of stick already with its star-packed cast of British screen baddies (Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston). And, yes, no ‘Brits as others see us’ cliche is left unturned (there’s even a Boris bus).

But, what the hell? It’s done with a lot of energy, a bit of wit and makes the car look nice – which still suffers by comparison in the design stakes with its venerable predecessor the E-Type.

In other words there’s an idea, which you don’t get many of in the car market – particularly at Super Bowl time when they’re filled with and surrounded by people and animals busily saying ‘love me.’

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