Aspiration aspires to Ridley’s Scott ‘1984’ Apple epic

Well this is a bit cheeky. Chiat/Day’s famous ‘1984’ ad for Apple, directed by Ridley Scott, made its one and only main media appearance in the Super Bowl 30 years ago and so new US financial business Aspiration has decided to piggy-back on the famous spot, even down to the closing typeface.

Here’s Rid’s original (re-mastered, complete with iPod):

If Steve Jobs was still around he’d be suing the pants off Aspiration, no doubt. But Aspiration’s effort has had over 10,000 YouTube hits so far so I suppose it’s ‘job done.’


Might there be a surprise appearance by Apple at the Super Bowl on Sunday? Maybe another update with another Apple gadget? TBBW/Chiat Day Media Arts Lab boss Lee Clow, who’s worked on Apple for most of the past three decades, has tweeted that it’s ‘Gonna be a good Super Bowl,’ leading to much excited anticipation.

One Comment

  1. As I point out on AdScam, Aspiration changed the skinheads to guys in business suits carrying briefcases. This is perhaps an unintentional “Homage” to Apple’s 1985 Super Bowl spot, “Lemmings.” Which was a huge disaster. At least in their rip off, Aspiration gave the hammer thrower bigger tits.

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