Leo Burnett hops on Isaiah’s Old Spice bandwagon

What’s all this? Handsome Old Spice hunk Isaiah Mustafa (sigh) is coming the UK to lead the search for the perfect British gentle-man, on behalf of brand owner Procter & Gamble, but he’s been hijacked by Leo Burnett?

Mustafa fronted the multi-award winning ad campaign from Wieden+Kennedy Portland, of course. But his latest incarnation is courtesy of Leo Burnett and its digital/social agency Holler. One for the conspiracy theorists then.

Anyway Isaiah will be travelling around the UK in a horse-drawn carriage (as British gentlemen do) although, as the film below explains, he’ll also be using the London tube network.

Old Spice has also kindly provided some research into the British gentleman (modern incarnation) which shows, inter alia, that 52 per cent pick up the bill on the first date (not a very gentlemanly stat surely) while 41 per cent say the most appealing trait in a partner is to be good in bed. Only 19 per cent of gals feel the same, which is also food for thought. But it’s a bright yuletide wheeze.

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