Ecotricity bashes UK energy gang with windmills spin

Ecotricity, which describes itself as ‘the green energy company,’ has produced a neat little film taking a pop at the UK’s reviled ‘Big Six’ energy companies which, it claims, are “just after our money.”

Which Ecotricity is too, presumably. But the company is freezing prices until April and says this has helped it expand and create 50 more jobs.

British Gas, Npower and co. have blamed green energy subsidies for their double-digit price rises (as does the Government apparently) so Ecotricity has a big stake in this argument.

Interesting too that Ecotricity calls its wind turbines (which are very unpopular with people unfortunate enough to live near them) ‘windmills.’

Which they sort of are and sort of aren’t.

Neat bit of spinmeistering though.

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