Droga5 launches record-breaker for Hennessy

Unknown-8Spirits advertisers are playing the aspiration game these days (they always have, of course, but recently it’s taken an exotic turn or ten). We recently featured an interesting ad on this theme for Dewar’s White Label from Spanish agency &rosas.

I think the whole game began with BBH’s ‘Keep Walking’ campaign for Johnnie Walker but someone will doubtless tell me otherwise.

Never knowingly outdone, Droga5 in New York has been running a campaign for Hennessy cognac: ‘Never Stop. Never Settle’.

The latest in the campaign features pre-war world speed record holder Sir Malcolm Campbell (Donald’s dad) and Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl who, they tell me, wrote Man’s Search for Meaning, which posits that humans are motivated by the unrelenting need to find meaning in life.

‘Strewth, as Dave might say in his one of his (rare) weaker moments. Riveting stuff though.

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