Tesco’s Blinkbox takes Sky Atlantic’s sexy Game Of Thrones to a Dorset beach

UK retail giant Tesco is being very enterprising these days, buying TV streaming service Blinkbox for a start.

And it’s somehow or other persuaded Sky to give it the rights to show its Sky Atlantic swords, sandals and bonking blockbuster Game Of Thrones on the service (presumably by handing over a large cheque).

If you’re a customer of any other pay-TV service (as I am with Virgin Media) you can’t get Sky Atlantic, which means I can’t watch Don Draper any more without buying a box set – and I can only take so much angst.

Anyway, Blinkbox and PR agency Taylor Herring have come up with this clever idea of creating a huge Game Of Thrones dragon’s skull which they’ve dumped on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, where you can still find fossils on the beach.

So all very smart.

Here’s a bit of Game Of Thrones (a bit NSFW) that sums up an important part of its attraction. Doubt that they’ll be having an acting troupe re-enacting the highlights in Dorset for the family holiday season.

Ice cream anyone?

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