Ad-server Mocean claims creation of world’s biggest mobile ads marketplace

Mocean Mobile, the US-based mobile technology ad-serving platform, is launching the Mocean Mobile Exchange which it claims is the world’s largest mobile ad marketplace. It says MME will connect all Mocean Mobile customers through a streamlined marketplace for both the supply and demand functions.

MME is intended increase fill rates and revenues, and standardize the way that Mocean Mobile publishers, networks, ad agencies and their trading desks access inventory within marketplaces. There will be additional data layers added to improve efficiency and performance.

“Our goal for the Mocean Mobile Exchange is simple: to leverage all of the demand-side sources already integrated within the Mocean Mobile platform in a parallel bid environment to create liquidity in the mobile ad marketplace,” says Dave Gwozdz (left), CEO of Mojiva, parent company of Mocean Mobile.

“Dozens of ad networks and the most prominent sellers of mobile advertising currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars of mobile display sales on Mocean Mobile’s ad-core platform, yet independently the result is less than efficient. Allowing these same apps, publishers and ad networks to access each other in real time – on the same dashboard via real time bidding (RTB) – is a much more efficient model moving forward.”

The digital RTB market is growing rapidly but advertisers and agencies complain that there are too many competing platforms (some of which are owned by the big agency groups, others by the likes of Google). The Mocean Mobile Exchange is a bold attempt to build a dominant platform in the fastest-growing sector of the digital ad market.

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