Wodka Vodka takes the Miss Whiplash approach to premium competitors

The growth in premium-priced (sometimes astronomically-priced) vodkas is one of the miracles of the age and one warmly welcomed by the big drinks companies with their Grey Goose and the like.

US firm Panache Imports takes a rather different approach, offering premium vodkas at low prices or – in the case of leading brand Wodka Vodka – ‘Escort Quality – Hooker Pricing (left).’

For some reason the above has been castigated for being anti-semitic. There may be lots of reasons to castigate it but that one eludes me.

Anyway, you get the message.

Back in May Wodka Vodka took the airwaves (and the internet) with this intriguing drama, featuring the home life of one of its livelier customers.

Apparently the stuff’s quite good (it’s won some tasting plaudits). Who needs Absolut?

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