Jane’s Diary: original mad man (and Cannes virgin) George Lois sums up what advertising is all about in his own inimitable way

Creat-fucking-tivity is what it’s all about.

Every advertising festival needs a buzzword, and this year’s Cannes may have the best one ever. Ad legend and original mad man George Lois (left) said at a press conference today that it is all about “creat-fucking-tivity”.

It might be difficult to say in polite company, but “creat-fucking-tivity” certainly beats the hell out of the usual “snackable content” or “big data” ridden waffle that emerges when the ad world gets together. In fact, the 81-year-old Lois swore so much during the press conference that fellow advertising legend Lee Clow, who shared the session with him, jokingly asked the assembled journalists: “Will you be able to print this?”

Lois is just sick of people talking about technology apparently (on day five of Cannes, aren’t we all?). He said: “Everybody talks technology, technology, technology. I talk creativity, creat-fucking-tivity, creat-fucking-tivity.”

Clearly warming to the theme, he went on to say: “Jesus Christ, figure out how to do great ideas, that’s what it’s about. Someone else will figure out the technology.”

Clow’s musings, though less expletive ridden, were just as compelling.

He talked about being part of building the Apple brand and noted the media’s cynicism towards the company today. In defence of his beloved Apple, he said: “All of this technology was invented by Apple and is being copied by new competitors. People act now like new competitors are as smart and as genius and as amazing as the Apple company. Of course, I totally disagree with that.”

Clow (left), who is being awarded the Lion of St Mark on Saturday, said Cannes had a special place in his heart. Meanwhile, Lois shocked everyone by revealing it was his first ever time at the Cannes Lions. Why has Lois never been to Cannes before? “I’ve just been so fucking busy all my life, working,” he said.

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