Jane’s Diary: if Vivienne Westwood doesn’t rock your boat, the Cannes-bound BETC hunk surely will

Homesick, moi?

It’s hard to be homesick in Cannes when the Croisette is full of London ad people talking about data and content. Ah, there’s nothing better than having all the predictable comforts of home, when abroad is there?

I notice many middle-aged London ad men are finally getting to wear that questionable rolled-up trousers and loafers-with-no-socks combo without people laughing at them, in another triumph for creative freedom at Cannes Lions.

In fact, any feelings of homesickness I might have had were quashed the instant I landed at Nice airport. This was because I had a London black cab waiting for me, courtesy of Johnny Fearless. The agency has kindly brought black cabs to Cannes to ferry delegates around London-style. The cabs may also possibly confuse very drunk/drugged people who, on seeing them, will think they’re in Soho on an exceptionally warm evening and that Cannes was just a bad dream.

My cabdriver was French however, so there wasn’t as much bigotry as you’d expect from a London cab journey. He was also driving slower down the motorway than a pensioner on a Pifco hairdryer. I guess you can’t have it all.

Speaking of having it all, I’m looking forward to seeing the great Vivienne Westwood (left) today. The queen of punk is talking about storytelling in a SapientNitro session. Odds on she will spend the entire session talking about climate change. She will because she can and she’s old enough not to give a shit about what other people think. And that’s what you’ve got to love the woman.

Also, stand by your beds girls, the Diet Coke hunk is arriving today, care of BETC. Cannes is about to get a couple of degrees hotter.

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