Indigestion for Kellogg’s as new formula Special K challenges consumers

Kellogg’s Special K has been one of those wonderful brands that surf over all the rubbish talked about healthy diets (last year if you drank a glass of wine while pregnant you’d both be dead, this year it’s OK again).

A model-like lady in a red dress and red shoes did the trick.

This is obviously complete crap – but it worked.

Now, after being hammered by the food police for too much sugar, salt and red dresses, Kellogg’s has reformulated Special K so it’s more like a ‘proper’ cereal – now containing rice, wheat and barley as opposed to aspirations – and the customers don’t like it.

It’s being discounted all over the place in the UK and my nearest and dearest (a broad church) don’t care much for it either.

But what do you do? Trendy breakfast of the moment in the UK is Dorset Cereals (left, a masterpiece of packaging) but if gives you wind, I’m told.

I shall stick to my usual start-the-day regime of bacon sarnies, eggs any way and ham and cheese croissants (when I’m feeling healthy).

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