We’ve had ‘breastaurants’ already and now Triumph introduces ‘Branomics’ for inflation-hungry Japan

New Japanese prime minister Sinzo Abe is trying to drag the country’s economy out of its decade-long slump with a policy aimed at reducing the value of the yen (which should help exports) and creating two per cent inflation, which should boost consumer spending (currently up five per cent this year).

So Swiss-based bra manufacturer Triumph is rowing in on the publicity to launch its ‘Branomics’ package; which includes a Triumph bra which makes your boobs look two per cent bigger and a bow and arrow reflecting Abe’s ‘three arrows for growth’ – stimulus spending, monetary policy changes and easing regulation.

It’s proving an interesting period for mammaries in marketing with a surge in the numbers of ‘breastaurants’ in the US; joints where the skimpy attire of the waitresses is as much an attraction as the size of the burgers.

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