72andSunny on top of owner MDC’s world as it carries away the ‘Grand Effie’ for Activision

It’s proving to be a pretty good year for California’s 72andSunny; top of Ad Age’s A-List and now the winner of the Grand Effie in the Effie Awards for most effective this and that.

72andS won with Activision Blizzard’s third instalment of its Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise, effectively a trailer for the game which racked up $1bn in sales shortly after its release.

Such shoot-em-ups aren’t too exciting (unless you’re a war game fan of course) but clearly it did the job.

72andS succeeded in dislodging Wieden+Kennedy from it usual top spot (it won the last two years for Old Spice and Chrysler) although it’s P&G ‘Moms’ campaign scored highly.

P&G was top advertiser for the third year running; Mizuno was top brand, Ogilvy top agency, Ogilvy New York top agency office, W+K top independent agency and Omnicom top holding company.

We won’t start banging on about holding company awards again but it seems odd that Omnicom can be such when it didn’t win any other of the above categories. Maybe it put in more entries.

As for 72andSunny it’s quite definitely the current jewel in perennially loss-making holding company MDC’s crown. The agency is about to move into new LA premises that once housed Howard Hughes’ gigantic Spruce Goose flying boat.

Don’t get carried away chaps – old Spruce turned into something of a dodo.

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