Saatchi launches Toyota’s do-gooding ‘Positive’ campaign on innocent Londoners

A big part of the appeal of the Toyota Prius is that you’re dong something good for the world with your hybrid engine as well as yourself (like avoiding the congestion charge in London).

So it’s quite smart for the carmaker to launch the ‘Toyota Positive’ movement; purportedly showing how driving a Prius motivates people to behave differently by, in this instance, sprinkling acts of kindness over their fellow men (and women).

This could all have been rather sanctimonious even creepy (picking up two Japanese girls in the park) but London’s Saatchi and Saatchi is rather good at these reality-style ads and for this it’s wisely enlisted two comedians, Joel Dommett from MTV and Eric Lampaert from T4.

The three-minute ad (if it ever gets airtime, it’s probably more destined for online) starts brightly, flags a bit but ends on a high note.

Think I’ll (meanly) stick to the Bugatti though.

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