Ridley Scott’s company embarks on a road trip for Jaguar with F-Type extravaganza

Here we are then, the first film from Ridley Scott’s new branded content company (or whatever they call them these days) called ‘Desire’ for Jaguar’s new F-Type sports car.

The amount of hype around this car is unbelievable – is it any better than, say, a Merc?

Anyway the film features Homeland’s Damian Lewis and one Shannyn Sossamon (a new one on me but she looks like the kind of gal who might be escaping from her husband in Death Valley – if anyone does) with music by Jaguar chanteuse Lana Del Rey.

Is this a new and exciting use of the internet or just over-blown rubbish?

After a day it’s had nearly 11,000 YouTube views – so the jury’s out.

Apparently it was made by London agency The Brooklyn Brothers. Whatever happened to Jaguar’s ‘in-house’ Hyundai-style agency Spark44?

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  1. Found it hard to get past the fact that the new Jag apparently can’t outpace a saggy old American saloon car…but perhaps I’m missing the point.

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