Post-Tesco TRBR is still hanging in there with more good work for Magners

Nice to see that The Red Brick Road is still with us despite the loss of Tesco to Wieden+Kennedy and most, maybe all, of its founder owner/managers.

Its work for Magners (Irish) cider has always stayed on the right side of ‘Oirishness’ and this recent one with actor Francis McGee, ‘This is the Now,’ is another example of 2013’s trend towards quasi-existential nonsense but it’s delivered with a certain pizazz.

McGee, who used to be appear in Eastenders apparently, is another of the many Game of Thrones actors who seem to landing ad gigs. Which is a bit odd when you think that Game of Thrones (like Mad Men) is on Sky Atlantic, which not that many people in the UK can watch.

Anyway, he plays the interesting but slightly dodgy Irishman to perfection.

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