Glaxo and Grey go global with glucose, apple bites JWT while anti-gun lobby pleads with the deaf

***Grey London has just produced a new global campaign for Lucozade; ‘Powered by Glucose.’ Well it makes the point (and in just thirty seconds too).

Owner GlaxoSmithKline is planning to sell its two big consumer brands Lucozade and Ribena apparently; obviously to concentrate on the disagreeable task of inventing, patenting, gaining clearance for, selling at huge prices and fending off lawsuits about new drugs.

If I were them I’d sell the drugs and keep Lucozade and Ribena.

***Elsewhere in the wonderful world of global brands Diageo’s Smirnoff has given the task of launching its new Apple Bite drink-in-a-can in Europe to Mother rather than agency of record JWT.

Where’s the harm in that? It seems to have ruffled a few feathers though: prompting this statement from Diageo: “JWT is the global agency of record on the Smirnoff business and we remain committed to that successful partnership that has produced award-winning work for our brand over the last few years.

“Our Western Europe Smirnoff team works with a number of agencies in the region and has elected to work with Mother London on a specific Western Europe project.

“This in no way affects the global relationship and we continue to work with the JWT team on the global Smirnoff account.”

Hmmm. Well that’s it really…hmmm.

***Back to Grey again, this time New York (and nothing to with global brands).

This is a campaign for States United to Prevent Gun Violence pointing out that guns have changed since the Founding Fathers decided they were OK.

It’s predictably good but also (predictably) unlikely to have much effect on the craven right-leaning politicians who live in fear of the National Rifle Association and the Republican Tea Party.

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