Winning takes care of everything says Tiger Woods for Nike – but does it?

Well you have to give Nike and misbehaving golf star Tiger Woods full marks for front: Tiger has just won another golf tournament in the US and gone back to the top of the world rankings, ahead of Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy (who can’t seem to find the hole since he signed for the sportswear company and starting using its clubs).

Maybe Nike thinks that it’s bound to land in the shit from time to time with its battery of sports stars (not known, as a group, for their allegiance to Middle American values) so why not come out fighting? It’s about winning, stupid.

But is it? A lot of sports stuff is sold to kids and their parents may not be so keen to buy one-time serial adulterer Tiger’s favourite brand. What Woods does in his own time is his business of course and we don’t wish to be pious.

But, in sport as well as life, does winning take care of everything?

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