W+K enters yellow ribbon territory for Chrysler

Gulp, it’s Wieden+Kennedy grabbing the US nation firmly by the tear ducts for Chrysler again.

We’ve had Eminem’s ode to Detroit and Clint Eastwood’s ‘Halftime in America’ in the last two years and this year’s Chrysler Super Bowl epic features Oprah Whinfrey lauding ‘A nation that is whole again’ for a rather gaudy-looking Jeep.

Who will Chrysler sign up next year? God?

Well God makes an appearance of sorts in Chrysler and W+K’s other Super Bowl opus for Ram trucks in the form of radio commnetator Paul Harvey’s ode “So God Made a Farmer.’

It’s all a bit exhausting for a Monday morning.

Update 5/2/2013

This is what my friend George Parker of Adscam fame makes of the Jeep ad.

I know a lot of people are going to really fucking hate me for saying this… But I really do not like the Jeep “Whole Again” Super Bowl spot… Yeah that’s right, I don’t fucking like it, I hate it… Why? ‘Cos it is a gratuitous, nakedly commercial use of people in the service of this country who are dying, being maimed and getting totally fucked up on our behalf, to sell bloody cars.

Why can’t Jeep take the millions of dollars this piece of shit cost and donate it to the rehabilitation services these truly noble people will need (and the government will sweep under the rug) when they come back from places you can’t even find on the map. Better yet, stop waving flags and tying yellow ribbons around trees… If you really care about this, get off your arse, enlist and go to Afghanistan. All this basking in the reflected glory of others makes me so mad. Oh, and incidentally, does anyone know if Oprah did the voice over for free? Yeah… Right!

I think George has a point. What do you think?

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