Super Bowl 2013 – people’s choice is Budweiser’s Clydesdales while Go Daddy can snog off

USA Today purports to reveal the people’s choice of Super Bowl ads via its Ad Meter and this year’s fave is Clydesdale foals for Budweiser from Anomaly (directed by Jake Scott, son of Ridley).

Well it’s a nice film and the horses are nice too – but really. Thought Budweiser made beer not horses.

Bringing up the rear of the Ad Meter spectrum (we’re being polite here) is Bar Refaeli’s snog with a fat bloke for Go Daddy.

Mind you, nearly eight million people have watched it on YouTube (then again, car crashes do well too).

You can see all the ads on USA Today here.

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  1. i remember seeing these clydsdales as a kid in akron ohio. i cried as i saw the story of the clyddales and seeing the mother and the man who bottle fed this horse and loves him sooo very much . i feel the babys name should be darcey. i’am now 68 years old and have had horses of my own as a kid ,but my love was for the clydsdales and will always be ,and if i had one wish before i die it would be to actually see and be able to pet the clysdales. i wrote as a child to tell how much i love these beauitful animals and i recieved beauitful pictures of them that to this day i cherish . this wasn’t just a commercial it was a part of my life i will never forget. so as i see the man who bottle fed that baby it went straight to my heart . i MORE then LOVE these horses ,they are a true american icon . i don’t tweet or like on line but i wanted to put my choice in for the name of the baby horse. please know how much i LOVE them !!!!sincerely delores roxbury