New York start-up Interplanetary makes debut with blood cancer charity campaign

A lot of charity ads today have an air of desperation about them – not just because the circumstances they describe are, indeed, desperate but because when nobody’s got any money charities drop down the pecking order.

But it’s still important, surely, to show an upside: that your donation might make things get better as opposed to not quite as desperate.

Which this ad for America’s Leukemia & Lymphoma Society does. It’s hardly jaunty but ‘Cancer Cured!’ is a strong (anticipated) message.

It’s from New York start-up Interplanetary whose partners are Jill McClabb, Joe Dessi, Bruce Lee, Andy Semons and Chris Parker (son of my friend George, of Adscam fame).

Maybe one day Interplanetary take over George’s bete noire Draft/FCB?

One Comment

  1. Obviously, it’s loverrrrlllyyy. Chris is my son. Bruce Lee is a good mate, ever since he gave up martial arts. However, I honestly think it’s a charming campaign. Check out all the print and digital stuff on the Interplanetary Web site. Never forget, I taught Chris everything he knows… Well, all the drinking and smoking bits. The rest he got from his mother. I have to say that, otherwise she’ll clock me.

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